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    Game of Thrones Slot Released

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  • One Number Lottery

    It's not easy to pick the winner in a Single Number Lottery. But if you do... the payouts are enormous! And isn't that what it's all about - the excitement of hitting the BIG ONE!

Major Millions Mobile Slots – You Can Win 5x Multipliers and Tripled Wild Winnings!

It's thrilling, it's loud, and it is the best slots game that you would get to play in the upcoming time! Major Millions Mobile Slots is here to let you win credits, and a lot of them! All that you have to do in order to make that work would be to sign in and to start playing as much as possible! You will be able to start winning multiple benefits in no time at all, enjoy great rewards as you start playing, see the most exciting symbols on the reels and so much more! It is definitely the time to learn how to win 8000 credits in a single spin, use special symbols which would change completely the way you play the games, and even enjoy some special gambling features! Join us now, there is definitely no better time than now to make your day the best one ever!

Crazy, Wild, Unpredictable!

One of the best things in slots games is the fact they are completely surprising and unpredictable! The more unpredictable such a game is, the more thrilling it gets. Luckily, Major Millions Mobile Slots is no exception, and you can get to enjoy the Wild symbol which will make things look like never before.

This symbol can be easily recognized thanks to the apparent Major Millions Mobile Slots title written on it. This symbols is capable of replacing all other symbols on the reel besides the Scatter symbol. By doing that, our special Major Millions Mobile Slots symbol can create winning combinations the players didn't even think were possible.

Usually, players understand that two symbols of the same kind, appearing next to each other, are nice but definitely not enough in order to grant with more credits. Major Millions Mobile Slots' symbols are no exception in that matter. However, since Wild can function as if it was almost any other symbol, it should only appear next to non – Scatter symbols on the reels, and it would serve as if it was the third of the same kind. A new winning combination will be created and the player will be able to enjoy additional symbols right away.

Lastly, Wild has got another card in the sleeve for you all! Each and every winning combination created with the Wild symbol will be 3X multiplied!

Wild, Unpredictable with Credits Of Its Own

This mobile slots bonus can reward players with additional credits in more than one way! Another way players can greatly benefit from the presence of this symbol on their reels is by having it creating, three, four, or five of its kind on the reels.

A three of a kind Wild combination would reward the players with no less than 80 credits right away, while four such symbols would let the players enjoy 280 coins right away. Last but not least, an 8000 credits' payout is also possible, and can be won in a single spin. In order for that to happen, the only thing the player needs to win is 5 Wild symbols in a single spin.

Why Can't Scatter Be Replaced? And How Can We Benefit From It?

When using the most special mobile slots app released to the industry, it is only natural to want to understand each and every feature existing in it, especially since its crystal clear no feature is here by mistake. Therefore, if Wild cannot replace Scatter, we would surely like to know why.

The reason is, of course, that Scatter can change the game irreversibly in no time at all. All Scatter wins will be added to the payline right when they are won, and these wins will also be multiplied by the total number of credits stacked!

Special Payouts

Not only the Wild and Scatter symbols should be perceived as highly special in this game. Other symbols can also grant the players with a lot of credits in no time, and you better keep that in mind as you debate whether to start playing this game or not!

Just to give you a quick taste, we decided to tell you that five airplane symbols can reward the players with 600 credits right away, while five symbols of the silver boat on the orange background will be worth no less than 800 credits immediately! If winning 1000 credits sounds good to you, you would probably like to know that the sailor with the white hat would be just the right symbol to make that happen! Five of its kind – and you have it!

Gambling Features and Special Gaming Methods!

While being surprised over and over again by the game is definitely nice, some players still prefer to use some special gambling methods and to determine some rules in this game. You want to do that too? All that it takes is for you to learn all about the casino games for Canada and to start implementing the secrets!

Select Lines

There are a few ways to bet while playing the game. One of these ways would be to select some lines prior to spinning the reels. By doing that, the players actually bet these lines and increase their chances of winning. If the players made a right bet, their payout will be credited in direct relation!


You can always have things under your control, and with the Coins feature, it is easier than ever before! The Bet and Coins boxes let you know exactly how much you bet each spin, and the expert mode will let you gain greater control over your bets. Eventually, you want to remember that the more you bet, the greater your payout potential gets, and that the decision how much to bet each time, is always in your hands!

Bet Max

Some players believe that patience is irrelevant when playing slots games. These players would usually prefer everything to happen as quickly as possible, and the sooner the better. A very prominent example for a feature that is better to be played quickly is the bet feature. A lot of players want to raise their bet amount to the highest one possible, and to do so as quickly as possible.

For such players, the Bet Max button was created. This button requires no further delays and multiple button clicks. A single press of a button will trigger the next spin right away, and the bet would be the highest one possible. Now it is your time to make your payout potential the highest one possible! Click, play, and win!